ecommerce content writing services

Ecommerce Content Writing Services

Who needs a salesperson when you have an excellent eCommerce content writer? When you sell your products online, the content on your product detail page does the job of a salesman. Whether it’s your eCommerce website or your product in an eCommerce marketplace, you need content that supports your development. This includes excellent images and videos, the USP, the description, and the guide.

What is the Difference Between an Ecommerce Website and an Ecommerce Marketplace?

ecommerce website

You can compare an eCommerce website to a standalone brand store, while an eCommerce marketplace is more like a mall. A brand can have an eCommerce site and presence in several eCommerce marketplaces. It’s essential to make sales on both platforms for which you need great content. 

You might be wondering – why not have the same ecommerce content everywhere? The reason is plagiarism. While readers know you’re the same brand on two different platforms, the search engine crawlers don’t. If you want all your product pages to rank, you need to provide ecommerce content in different words for same product in different  platforms. 

On your eCommerce website, you have the liberty to present your product the way you want. You can add as much content as you want and design the format for the same. However, when you register as a seller on an eCommerce marketplace, you follow their structure and standards to upload your product. 

For example, on your website, you may take the liberty to give the USPs, which are brief yet clear points. Then, you provide a long description and user guide beneath. You set your limits on the length of the ecommerce content here. However, when using another platform, you must adhere to their standards and limitations. You cannot cross the word limit or change the format.

So, in a nutshell, the following are the differences between an eCommerce website and an eCommerce marketplace:

Point of Difference

Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Marketplace


Owned by the brand

Owned by a third party, where you register as a seller


You can design your format

You have to stick to a given format


You compete with other external websites

You compete with other brands on the same website

Sales & Logistics

Direct sales and your logistics

Marketplace provides logistics and takes a commission for sales.

Why Hire Professional Services for Ecommerce Content Writing?

Just like every brand has its loyal customers, so do eCommerce marketplaces. When we don’t know what brand we are looking for. So, we search for the product on an eCommerce marketplace we like or on search engines. These search engines will rank popular eCommerce marketplaces faster than a new eCommerce website.

The most popular eCommerce marketplace in the world is Amazon. Other popular marketplaces include eBay, Walmart, Flipkart, and Alibaba. There are so many more that also cater to only specific countries or industries.

online store

Each marketplace has its terms for registering sellers on its platform. It is helpful for those who don’t have their website and logistics for handling eCommerce alone. So, you have to follow their format when you upload your product catalog here. Following are some areas where they provide you with specifications:

While catering to the rules provided on the above factors, you also have to make sure that your product catalog is better than what your competitors already have. You also must ensure that you add all the keywords in your description and USP.

Here’s where the role of a professional content writer comes into place:

What Do Our E-commerce Content Writing Services Include?

Our team is trained to help you set up your entire catalog on any eCommerce marketplace. You may choose to provide us with the format or let us upload the catalog as a whole directly to your seller account. The same applies when our writers provide you with content for your eCommerce website.

Our ecommerce content writing services include the following:

keyword research
Conducting keyword research for the product page
ecommerce content
Providing written content using keywords
Creating product video for uploading on the page
Lifestyle images and infographics for the product page

Why Hire Us?

The content present on your product detail page is the direct seller. If you want more conversions, you need to get it right. Merely mentioning all the USPs and benefits of the product isn’t enough. How you highlight them makes the difference when you’re selling online.

Our team is trained to give you the following:

Content that Ranks

Our writers are skilled in digital marketing, which we apply thoroughly to the content we provide. We use the appropriate keywords in the right proportion throughout the page. Additionally, we keep it reader-friendly to make sure it ranks.

Content that Sells

When we create content, we always keep your audience in mind. The matter alone is not enough; how you present it makes a significant difference. Thus, we present ecommerce content in a way the audience can grasp it well to help them make a purchase.

Timely Submissions

While it’s not wise to rush with your eCommerce pages, we don’t take forever to complete your work. Understanding that time is money, we ensure that your products are live on the online market by the time you’re ready for them.


You’ll be having one point of contact throughout. We have flexible working hours and are available 24x7. You can contact us via email, WhatsApp, or phone call to track the status of your work, make edits, and resolve other inquiries.

Value for Money

Our primary principle is customer satisfaction. So, unless and until you are not happy with our work, we neither publish the content nor send you the invoice. We ensure that you find our work worth your money and time and help you grow.

How Does it Work?

If you’re planning to become a seller on any eCommerce marketplace, we’re here to help you. All you have to do is fill up the form given below, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mention the essential characteristics and USP of the product in minor bullet points next to the image. The detailed product description, user guide, and technical information can be discussed below in paragraph, point format, and tabular format, respectively.

Readers need content to be precise but crisp. The paragraph describing the product should ideally be between 100 and 300 words. On the other hand, we highlight the essential benefits or characteristics of the product in 4-5 points.

At an online store, the salesman’s job is done by the product descriptions. Usually, customers first look at the images and gain a better understanding through the description. They proceed to the reviews to confirm if they want to purchase. However, if you fail to provide all the details they need to know, your conversions can drastically decrease.

It’s simple – if you understand that the product is helpful to you as a reader, then the description is good. An ideal description highlights the main USP right next to the image. The extended description is crisp yet mentions all the details about the product you need to know.

Usually, we charge for our services depending on the length of the descriptions and the number of products you require. More or less, our rates per page are standard unless you have a higher bulk order.