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Infographics Services

They say an image speaks a thousand words. However, if you already add a few to it, imagine how powerful your message can become. That’s precisely what an infographic is – an image with written information. To be more precise, an infographic has multiple graphics supported by text.

It usually portrays benefits, user guides, facts & myths, or any other answer you may need in point-format. In other words, it is a visual representation of a short answer to a question. In fact, it can summarize an entire article in one single image if you design it the right way.

Variants of Infographics

Usually, an infographic is a long image. However, you can make them in two other ways. These two variants include micrographics and motion graphics.

A micrographic is a mini version of an infographic. It’s nearly half the size and is used to mainly break down the text an infographic might have.

On the other hand, a motion graphic is nothing but an infographic in video or animated form. The video is usually short and simple. It may or may not contain audio. The animation helps to make it more engaging, grasping the attention of the audience.

Where are Infographics Used?

Infographics can be used in multiple platforms. These include the following:

Some popular platforms to publish infographics include Pinterest, SlideShare, Facebook, Instagram, Imgur, Reddit, blogs, and infographic submission sites.

What are the Benefits of Using Infographics?

An infographic can tell you an entire story. It can summarize an entire article or a chapter of a book. While you might take 5-10 minutes to read an article, the infographic will give you the gist of it in a single glance.

Most of us learn better through visual aid. Infographics are a type of visual aid, that do have the power to give you a lot of information. Here’s how using them benefit you:

Powerful tool for branding and advertising
visibility on search engines
Helps to increase visibility & traffic on search engines
social media
Works very well on social media platforms
Can be of great help in selling a product or service
Infographic submission sites help you generate more backlinks to your sites
inbound links
Using them on websites and blogs helps to create more inbound links
retain and understand information
It is very convincing for viewers to retain and understand information

Why Hire an Infographics Maker?

making infographics

To make an infographic that actually works, you need to go through a series of steps. It starts with some research on what you wish to convey through it. Content curation involves not only formulating the text, but also images or icons that will support it. The role of colors, fonts, and design is also important. To add to it, every platform will take a different size.

So, with a professional infographics maker, you’ll get the following:

What Do Our Infographics Services Include?

You have to make the infographic from scratch and then upload them on various platforms. Your design and content will vary a lot based on the platform you use and the purpose of creating it in the first place. Our team will provide you with everything:

Why Hire Us?

We have a team of experienced and creative individuals trained in content marketing. Our content writers and graphic designers work together on creating the best infographics and motion graphics for you. We are known for providing our clients with:

Timely submissions
Value for money

How Does it Work?

Our services are extremely flexible for all our clients. When it comes to infographics, you can choose to take the design and content both from us or either one of them. If you submit the form below, we’ll contact you within 24 hours:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our charges vary greatly on our client’s requirements. While some require only content for the infographics, others need the complete design and submission from our end too. Charges also start to vary when you need multiple sizes for different platforms or a motion graphic.

A good infographics design is visually appealing. The flow of content is smooth and easy to follow. The colours, font style, and images used all complement the text in the infographic. Most importantly, if you are able to grasp the information in one go, be rest assured you’re taking a look at a great one.

Infographics serve multiple purposes – providing back links or inbound links to a website, and spreading awareness among its viewers. For getting backlinks, there are several submission sites such as Reddit, SlideShare, and Flickr. For providing information, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs work best.

We start with research for curating content. First, we draft the written content after which we design the layout to fit it. Then, we add supporting icons or images, and work on the colors and font. If you need it in multiple sizes, we adjust the design accordingly.

This really depends on where you are using it. For Pinterest, the standard infographics work the best. However, for a power point presentation, you can even use a motion graphic. A micrographic might work on Instagram or Facebook. If you’re using it for a blog, all three can be good.