powerpoint presentation services

PowerPoint Presentation Services

We’ve all used PowerPoint in school and college for doing our projects. Why do we need to hire services from a professional now when you need them for marketing? Here’s the answer: in content marketing, the way you present your content makes the real difference. 

A good PowerPoint presentation will contain all forms of content – written, images, videos, infographics, and statistical charts. They are informative and usually make complex data easy to understand. So, when you give it in the hands of a professional, they make make the most of it.

What are the Uses of a PowerPoint Presentation in Marketing?

Content has many forms. These include written, visual, verbal, musical, or audio-visual. A PowerPoint presentation has the power to incorporate all of the above formats. It has text, images, infographics, statistical charts, GIFs, background scores, and videos.

If you’ve attended seminars or workshops, you’ve probably seen companies using them to discuss their brand. As a student, you may have experienced learning through a presentation. This is because it is an excellent aid for communicating to a large audience.

So, here’s how you can use a PowerPoint presentation for marketing:

various forms of content
business presentation

B2B Sales 

Presentations are ubiquitous among companies that are into B2B sales. These presentations are made in private to their clients. There are high chances that you’ve either seen or made one. For example, if you provide IT solutions to corporates, you can have a formal meeting with your clients in a conference room to give your presentation.

Workshops and Seminars

These events give you an opportunity to introduce your brand to students and professionals. Entrepreneurs doing something innovative find it an excellent opportunity to introduce themselves. For example, if you sell an eco-friendly product, you can present in a seminar for environmental awareness.
seminar presentation
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Improving Online Presence

Many factors contribute to the ranking of a website. One such factor is having backlinks pointing to your website. You can generate these backlinks by submitting content to third-party sites. Among these, you have PPT submission sites like SlideShare, where you can reach out to a broad audience and generate backlinks for your site.

Why do You Need Professional Services for a PowerPoint Presentation?

When representing your brand, you need to ensure that there is a professional touch to everything you do for it. You can make it on your own if you use presentation aid for internal planning and communication. However, when you go to a client, you need professional assistance.

Here’s how it helps you:

Aesthetically Better

A professional designer has access to better templates for making your slides. This applies to the background and mainly to the infographics and statistical charts that make the most difference. They are also more creative with designing.

content structure

Content Structure

The biggest advantage of a PowerPoint presentation is that you can present your content in all forms – written, image, infographics, statistical charts, audio, and video. The role of the professional is to make the best use of all of these.

colors and fonts

Colors and Fonts

Marketing doesn’t work solely on the quality of your products & services. It works on psychology. Minor aspects like colours and fonts also play a sub-conscious role in creating an image for the viewer. In the end, how you present your brand helps you attract more consumers than mere selling.

save time

Saves Your Time

Making a business presentation consumes more time than we think. Leaving it in the hands of a professional helps you save plenty of time and focus on other managerial aspects of your work. All you have to do is give them the topic and some rough information if need be.

Which PPT Services Do We Provide?

There are two purposes for creating a PowerPoint presentation for a business:

To make a presentation in front of a live audience

Or, upload it on PPT submission sites to get backlinks

We provide services for both. They include the following:

Why Us?

We are a team of content creators specializing in different fields. Our work satisfaction comes from your success, which is why we work with passion and dedication for every client we cater to. And unless you’re not satisfied with the work we give you, we do not consider the deal closed.

We are known for our versatility to work well in any industry. This is because we leave no stone unturned in conducting in-depth research on your products or services and your target market.

So, here you are guaranteed to receive:

How Does it Work?

If you wish to get PPT services from our team, you may fill out the form below. Upon receiving your submission, we’ll call you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, our team has content writers, graphic designers, and video editors. Usually, we work together to provide you with the perfect presentation – whether you need it for submission or wish to present them in person.

We are well-versed with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. It will be your call as to which software you require the presentation to be in, as you will be the one using it in the end. For submission, we use SlideShare, Power Show, and other sites.

Ideally, a presentation should have ten slides that can cover a decent subject. At the most, 3-5 more would do, but not more. If you are making a presentation in front of an audience, it shouldn’t take longer than 15-20 minutes.

It is best to make 5 PPT submissions in a month. Cover as many sites as you can. However, ensure the sites you submit your PPT to have a good domain authority and are authentic enough. Only then do the backlinks start working.

While you can reuse the same presentation in front of two different audiences, things work differently in the online world. To avoid plagiarism, it is best to avoid submitting the same PPT file on all the submission sites. However, you can rewrite the same topic differently to make things easier.