difference between an article and a blog

7 Points Revealing Difference Between an Article and a Blog

At some point in time, we all have thought that there is no difference between an article and a blog. We have mixed it up too much after content marketing connected readers to creators. However, when you go to any business website, do you see a blog section on the menu or an article section? What does an online magazine have – articles or blogs?

We think that over here you’re probably getting the point. There is a difference between an article and a blog, and it no more lies in just the number of words. It’s the purpose and style of writing it that differentiates the two.

Let’s get a detailed understanding of the difference between an article and a blog.

What is a Blog?


Most of us are under the impression that a blog is a single piece of content. That’s where we’re making the biggest mistake! A blog is actually a type of website, or these days even a part of a business website that contains several entries which we call a blog post.

Now, this blog post is usually written in an informal and conversational tone to develop a connection with the readers. Following are the various motives behind running a blog:

  • Spreading information and awareness among readers
  • Promoting a product or service (can be direct or indirect)
  • Entertaining your readers
  • Sharing your own point of view with your readers

Usually, a single blog post is capable of serving multiple or all of the above objectives. Let’s give you an example.

We’ll assume that you are trying to promote a hair oil. Before you start, think about the people who need your product. The problems that it solves are the problems they are facing, right? So, you start your blog post by addressing their problems. Then, you slowly bring your product as the solution to their problem. Now, here’s how the blog is helping you as well as your readers:

  • You made your readers aware of their problem as well as the solution to it.
  • The readers also learn about your product.
  • The way in which you write your blog post can be both informational and entertaining, depending on your skills.
  • If you have your own blog (that is, it is not a part of a business website), you can share your own experiences with the product’s usage too.

Blogs can help you increase your website traffic, thereby promoting your business. They are platform containing several blog posts. Now, let’s see the difference between an article and a blog post by understanding what an article is.

What is an Article?


Articles are a much older concept. It’s what you read on newspapers and magazines. You’ve probably written them as a student in school too. So, the content here is informative and has a more formal tone to it. You don’t give your own opinions here, but generalize whatever you talk about. Even press releases, business websites, guest posting sites, marketing directories, and social media contain articles.

So, here’s what defines an article:

  • It’s a piece of content that you read from newspapers, magazines, press releases, guest posting sites, marketing directories, or sometimes even business websites.
  • The content is informative, neutral and formal.
  • You don’t talk to your readers here, but merely state the facts.
  • Some of them are capable of promoting products or services, like press releases about a new product launch.

This clears the difference between an article and a blog to quite a great extent. Let’s summarize them now for a better picture.

Difference between an Article and a Blog – In a Nutshell

difference between an article and a blog

So, by now the difference between an article and a blog is quite clear to you. We’ll sum it up well to make it even clearer:

Point of DifferenceBlogArticle
DefinitionA type of website containing plenty of pieces of written content known as blog posts. They contain information and personal views of the writer.A piece of written content that states facts in a generalized manner. It could be about a product, service, incident, event, or general awareness.
ToneConversational and informalNeutral and formal
LanguageCasual, simple, and reader-friendlySophisticated
PurposeShare your views, promote a product/service, and/or spread awareness.Spreading awareness and information about a product, service, incident, or other issues.
Nature of ContentPrecise and to the point, with a touch of friendliness or humourDetailed though to the point, not conversational
GrammarUses first and second personUses second and third person
PlatformIs a website in itself or a section of a business websiteFound on business, guest-posting, media and PR sites

We’re hoping that sums up the difference between an article and a blog well for you. If you’re a brand owner, both are in fact beneficial to you in two different ways. Both blogs and articles help you reach out to a wide audience. So, if you have a brand and a website, hiring blog and article writing services and tie-ups with famous bloggers can help you increase your website traffic.

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